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Traditional Open-Flame Grilling & Grille Seasoning

Try something new and bold at The Grille in Memphis, Tennessee. We offer the best chicken in the area, cooked by a healthier open-flame grilling technique and with our renowned grille seasoning.

Taste the Difference

Other restaurants utilize rotisserie methods for the main cooking, and then apply an open flame for a short period. The Grille uses open-flame grilling for all our dishes, leaving them perfectly prepared and mouth-wateringly tasty. The smell alone will leave you speechless!

The Grille at Home

Enjoy our signature grille seasoning in the comfort of your own home. We’re selling our unique product, so you’re able to treat your family and leave your dinner guests aching for their next invitation.

Cooking Directions

Patented by our owner Herb Tate, our seasoning is conveniently available in two 1/2-ounce seasoning bottles and suitable for use on poultry, steaks, wings, and whatever else your imagination wants to experiment with. Brush on or marinade, it’ll take your cooking to whole new level of awesome.

Steak - Open-Flame Grilling

Contact us in Memphis, Tennessee, and treat your taste buds to open-flame grilling and unique grille seasoning dishes.