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About Us


Visit The Grille for grilled whole hot wings, chicken-on-a-stick dishes, and steak-and-veggie kabobs – everything grilled with a healthy method that does not sacrifice taste or texture. Our customers are as equally passionate about our dishes as we are, and we’ve received many
testimonials, including:

"It's not fried," said Montana Trax, a Memphis rap artist who's a regular. "No grease. You got zucchini, peppers...so yeah, I like a few of the vegetables they have."

Family Owned & Operated

Since 2011, our owner’s family is deeply involved with The Grille on a day-to-day basis and promotes sensible cooking techniques that lower a large portion of the fat content, which thereby lowers the chances of hypertension. Herb’s wife recently remarked:

"We're trying to teach people how to eat fast food, but in a healthy way," said Anita Tate. "So this gives them an alternative to eating fried. It's quick, and it's cheap."


If you're not necessarily watching what sneaks by your gum line, score a slice of The Grille’s homemade strawberry or caramel cake. And why not toss on a dollop of soft-serve ice cream?

"We sell six to eight whole cakes a day," Anita went on to say. "Some people come here just for the cake and ice cream. We sell more caramel cake than any of the other cakes."

Genuine Talent

Herb Tate is a whiz with a pair of tongs, a spatula, and a barbecue pit. Always the hit at backyard parties and family reunions, Tate said his friends and family suggested he open a restaurant where the fare is all grilled and reasonably priced. The suggestion box wasn't half-full before Herb and Anita had installed two pits inside a smokehouse, linked to a charming cinder block walk-up on Lamar Avenue back in 2011.

Franchise Opportunity

Start your own successful BBQ restaurant business. For franchising opportunities send us your contact information and we’ll set up a
personal consultation.

Contact us in Memphis, Tennessee, and enjoy a fresh take on open-flame cooking at our BBQ restaurant.